by Anjii Solomon

Welcome! This is where I will be continually adding updates about my latest Angles quilts, me and my new life as all of them unfold.

I am so very much looking forward to teaching Angles Workshops again. My computer is full of designs just itching to be 'made real'.

My classes are fun-filled, creative and relaxed. Both my students and I have so much fun and knowing that this is where I am meant to be to fulfils my life passion of teaching and sharing lots of tips and ideas, it feels so right.

Check back for regular updates on classes, the variety of designs I'm working on and much much more. I will be uploading a free Angles project shortly.

Go have a look at my new web page – it’s been freshly re-vamped and has been given a whole new look -

Stay tuned for more as I update my web page with the full Class List

Love and Hugs

Anjii (and woof from Trouble!!)

Hi everyone.  It’s been an extended time since my last blog effort, but I haven’t been sitting idly watching the world go by. 

Because of a communication hiccup when I was having my web page re-designed my Workshop page images were omitted.  As a temporary mend, I have linked that page to here until I can amend that myself. 

So here goes…

5 star autumna

Five Start Autumn

Medallion Mayhem

Medallion Mayhem

Pyramid Sunset

Pyramid Sunset


Set the Table



circle shades

Circle Shades of Autumn


Naughts and Crosses

opal complete