by Anjii Solomon

Welcome! This is where I will be continually adding updates about my latest Angles quilts, me and my new life as all of them unfold.

I am so very much looking forward to teaching Angles Workshops again. My computer is full of designs just itching to be 'made real'.

My classes are fun-filled, creative and relaxed. Both my students and I have so much fun and knowing that this is where I am meant to be to fulfils my life passion of teaching and sharing lots of tips and ideas, it feels so right.

Check back for regular updates on classes, the variety of designs I'm working on and much much more. I will be uploading a free Angles project shortly.

Go have a look at my new web page – it’s been freshly re-vamped and has been given a whole new look -

Stay tuned for more as I update my web page with the full Class List

Love and Hugs

Anjii (and woof from Trouble!!)
Hi all WOW - comments and followers ! Thank you for all the support ... how blessed am I to have such wonderful friends. Thank you again. I uploaded or is it downloaded (?) photos off my camera from my weekend in Sydney. Of course no photos of me, only the fabulous views around the Harbour from the ferries I jumped on and off of for 3 hours and relaxing around the Rocks. Can you see the climbers right at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge aka The Coathanger? Click on the photo for a larger version - hope it's not too big and slow to load.... let me know if it is and I'll downsize it (after I work out how to :) ) I know it's been said many times by locals and tourists alike - the Sydney Opera House is a truly awesome building from all Angles (pardon the pun)

The most amazing high speed jet boats were looping around the ferries along with a Pirate Ship !!! LOL
I have finally made it into the blogging world the easiest way possible. Other programmes which I thought I wanted to use were a brain drain. I'm quickly going to publish this post as it is as there are very dark clouds circling like yesterday when the power went off for 5 hours after a huge clap or two of thunder. Cheers everyone Hugs Anjii