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Welcome! This is where I will be continually adding updates about my latest Angles quilts, me and my new life as all of them unfold.

I am so very much looking forward to teaching Angles Workshops again. My computer is full of designs just itching to be 'made real'.

My classes are fun-filled, creative and relaxed. Both my students and I have so much fun and knowing that this is where I am meant to be to fulfils my life passion of teaching and sharing lots of tips and ideas, it feels so right.

Check back for regular updates on classes, the variety of designs I'm working on and much much more. I will be uploading a free Angles project shortly.

Go have a look at my new web page – it’s been freshly re-vamped and has been given a whole new look -

Stay tuned for more as I update my web page with the full Class List

Love and Hugs

Anjii (and woof from Trouble!!)

Here I am a bit later than the usual Friday Flaunt which was cleverly thought up and implemented by Cinzia for members of Quilting Down Under to post their weekly efforts in reducing their UFO's and/or WIP's and bragging about it on their respective Blogs. 

Since I relocated my small office cum sewing area from a small darkish room out to my large, light lounge/dining/kitchen room I enjoyed designing and laying out my new studio.  My FF (Friday Flaunt) has been a long awaited movable Design Wall which I lost by having to move a collection of Quilting Magazines, books and a bit of fabric that are in 10 cubicle book cases stacked to the ceiling.

In case anyone needs a portable, lightweight yet sturdy Design Wall without the need for wall space, check out the following photos : - it was so easy ... it leans securely against the book case cubicles and can be moved out of the way



This is how I started.  I braced 2 pieces of Styrofoam about 1 metre square with 2 pieces of Pine from Bunnings to act as supports.

(Please note my Supervisor at the top left of the photo)





Selleys All Fix is the glue I used that wouldn't melt the Styrofoam but would adhere to wood, because it's water based. At Bunnings there is a computer screen that tells you which glue will do what after you select what you want to stick together.




For some reason the second 'wall' I made needed some extra persuasion!! I remember it was a lot warmer so I turned on the fan nearby and think that caused the problem of the pine not staying stuck to the foam, so I had to engage some heavy help and leave overnight - suitcase of quilts, box of documents for archiving and 2 boxes of my books!!

These 2 walls are now wrapped in a flannel sheet each, are leaning against the wall of cubicles and have 1 almost finished Angles quilt top, and another in the making.  I will re-charge the camera overnight and photograph that tomorrow with the walls in situ. 

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